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Stichting ADD Nederland
Stichting ADD Nederland werd opgericht in 2006 en heeft ten doel: Het beter bekend maken van ADD - "Het overwegend onoplettend type" Attention Deficit Disorder.


I think the biggest difference for him was that he ‘only’ had to show up!

01 september 2009
Hi Karin
I wasn’t on the site for a while as life had just overtaken me. My son is now participating in a ‘Jeigdzorg Pijlproject’ and has gone to a farm in France for a ½ year to 9 months to try and make sense of his life and goals. It was very hard for him (going from home at 15), but he’s now settled in. The ‘stickie’ about school made me want to react when I saw this just now. Trevor obviously wasn’t coping at regular school, and thankfully they decided to take action. He was sent to to The Rebound in Eindhoven (many schools now have a Rebound department, where children that are having problems can be evaluated). When you ask how would your ideal school be, I think he would answer – The Rebound.
It is a small scale school probably only about 50 pupils. Class sizes max 8, with 2 supporting staff per group. The day started at 9:00 with a video of today’s news and then a discussion of that, followed by about 2.5 hrs of self study ( with support). The afternoon was usually filled in with sport, computer lessons, cooking or other activities. The kids were always in the same study class and therefore their books and everything that was needed was always there. They were allowed to have therr mp3 etc on when studying, and when it was exam time the exams were sent from their ‘normal’ schools and they were helped with study etc. They had their schedules from their schools and had to work to keep up to date. There was also an ‘orthopedagoog’ for evaluation, and in the afternoons plenty of time for talking to a mentor. This suited my son no end, but unfortunately after 6 months his time there was finished and he was integrated back into his ‘normal’ school. This unfortunately also happened just before the summer holiday, so the next year it was back to ‘normal’ school with all the same old problems. After a few months things went ‘belly-up’ again and he started to skip school, he was so unhappy. After a while he begged to be allowed to go back to the Rebound, and luckily for him they were sympathetic to his pleas ( although he’ already had his chance). Once again he was happy to return there. I know this is a very expensive solution, and what parent wouldn’t want this for their child! I think the biggest difference for him was that he ‘only’ had to show up! His things were there, he didn’t have to think about what was needed, he could study at his own tempo- not that dictated by the ringing of a bell and the pre-ordained lesson plans. Also the support of the mentor who was there all day to discuss anything – whether work or personal, and who was well schooled in childrens learning problems! What is also needed I think is more ‘educated ‘ teachers in the normal education system, who can perhaps recognise that these children aren’t lazy and a problem, but are just different and don’t fit in to ‘normal education. I am so grateful that we now know what his problem is and that with help, he can perhaps adjust! I’ll be at the ADD day, and look forward to hearing all the info there. Grs


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